IWAR'99 Breakout Session:

Projector-Based AR

Summary: Ramesh Raskar (raskar@cs.unc.edu)

In this breakout session we discussed augmenting physical objects by projecting imagery of virtual 2D or 3D objects on them. The questions posed to the group were:

  1. What are the advantages of projector-based systems compared with AR systems that use head-mounted or hand-held displays ?
  2. What are applications of projector-based systems ?
  3. Is projector-based AR for real and will it be taken seriously ?

        Most of the participants already had some experience with using projectors for VR or large displays using tiled setups.

            The participant thought that the main advantage of using projectors is the comfort. We discussed the following benefits :

However, the major problems are :

                We wondered whether projector-based AR will be taken seriously in the future.


        All the participants were enthusiastic and optimistic about exploring projector-based AR. The final comment was :
"If you are planning to build an AR system, head-mounted or hand-held displays are not your only choices. Do consider projector-based augmentation."