Web Proceedings of IWAR'99

Session 1 - Tracking I Rajeev Sharma
Vision-based Pose Computation: Robust and Accurate Augmented Reality Tracking
        Jun Park, Bolan Jiang, Ulrich Neumann
        University of Southern California
Building a Hybrid Tracking System - Integration of Optical and Magnetic Tracking
        Thomas Auer, Axel Pinz
        Graz University of Technology
Marker Tracking and HMD Calibration for a Video-Based Augmented Reality Conferencing System
        Hirokazu Kato, Mark Billinghurst
        Hiroshima City University and University of Washington
Poster Session
RV-Border Guards: A Multi-player Entertainment in Mixed Reality Space
        Toshikazu Ohshima, Kiyohide Satoh, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Hideyuki Tamura
        Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory Inc.
A Real-Time Panorama-based Technique for Annotation Overlay on Video Frames
        Masakatsu Kourogi, Takeshi Kurata, Yoichi Muraoka
        Waseda University
Interactive Virtual Relighting and Remodeling of Real Scenes
        Celine Loscos, Marie-Claude Frasson, George Drettakis, Bruce Walter
        IMAGIS / INRIA
Experimental Evaluation of Augmented Reality for Assembly Training
        Janie Kustaborder, Rajeev Sharma
        Pennsylvania State University
Image Registration and Camera Tracking without Feature Extraction
        Didier Stricker and Stephan Klaus
        Fraunhofer Project Group for AR at ZGDV
Demo Session Dirk Reiners
Map Augmented Reality in Eyeglasses
        Walter Donnelly
        TriSen Systems
TravelMATE: A Demonstration of SRI's Multimodal Augmented Tutoring Environment
        Luc Julia and Jehan Bing
        SRI International
Augmented-Reality-Enabled eCommerce
        Kelly Dempski and Mitu Singh
        Andersen Consulting
Robust Wide Area Tracking
        Suya You, Jun Park, Bolan Jiang, Jongweon Lee, Ulrich Neumann
        University of Southern California
Single Point Active Alignment Method (SPAAM) for Calibrating Optical See-through Head-mounted Displays for Augmented Reality
        Mihran Tuceryan and Nassir Navab
        Purdue University Indianapolis and Siemens Corporate Research
A Software Platform for Image Augmentation. New Functionality: Fusion of Industrial Drawings and Factory Images
        Nassir Navab, Benedicte Bascle, Mirko Appel, Echeyde Cubillo
        Siemens Corporate Research
ARToolKit; a Vision Based ToolKit for AR Tracking
        Mark Billinghurst, Hirokazu Kato
        University of Washington and Hiroshima City University
Session 2 - Mobility and Displays V.Sundareswaran
Enveloping Users and Computers in a Collaborative 3D Augmented Reality
        Andreas Butz, Tobias Hoellerer, Steven Feiner, Blair MacIntyre, Clifford Beshers
        Columbia University
Integrating Virtual and Augmented Realities in an Outdoor Application
        Wayne Piekarski, Bernard Gunther, Bruce Thomas
        University of South Australia
Low-Power Technology for Augmented-Reality Terminals
        Johan Pouwelse, Koen Langendoen, Henk Sips
        Delft University of Technology
Table-Top Spatially-Augmented Reality: Bringing Physical Models to Life with Projected Imagery
        Ramesh Raskar, Greg Welch, Wei-Chao Chen
        University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dinner and Dinner-Talk
The Importance of Being Mobile: Some Social Consequences of Wearable Augmented Reality Systems
        Steven Feiner
        Columbia University
Session 3 - Tracking II Ron Azuma
A Method for Calibrating See-Through Head-Mounted Displays for AR
        Erin McGarrity, Mihran Tuceryan
        Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
An Adaptive Estimator for Registration in Augmented Reality
        Lin Chai, Khoi Nguyen, Bill Hoff, Tyrone Vincent
        Colorado School of Mines
Calibration Propagation for Image Augmentation
        Didier Stricker, Nassir Navab
        Fraunhofer Project Group for AR at ZGDV and Siemens Corporate Research Inc.
Registration with a Zoom Lens Camera for Augmented Reality Applications
        Gilles Simon and Marie-Odile Berger
Break-out Session I
Pros and Cons of Various Tracking Techniques
        Eric Foxlin

AR in Industrial Applications
        David Mizell

Interaction and Collaboration Techniques Using AR
        Mark Billinghurst

Software Architectures for AR Systems and Environments
        Gudrun Klinker / Thad Starner

Session 4 - Applications and 3D Modelling Gudrun Klinker
Photometric Image-Based Rendering for Virtual Lighting Image Synthesis
        Yasuhiro Mukaigawa, Sadahiko Mihashi, Takeshi Shakunaga
        Okayama University
A New Framework for Marker-Less Calibration, 3D Reconstruction and Scene Augmentation Based on: Fusion of Industrial Drawings and Uncalibrated Images
        Nassir Navab, Benedicte Bascle, Mirko Appel, Echeyde Cubillo
        Siemens Corporate Research
Merging Visible and Invisible: Two Camera-Augmented Mobile C-Arm (CAMC) Applications
        Nassir Navab, Ali Bani-Hashemi, Matthias Mitschke
        Siemens Corporate Research and Siemens AG Medical Engineering
Break-out Session II
Tracker Shootout at IWAR 2000
        Suya You

Leveraging from Human Factors Research
        Bill Miller / Thad Starner

Projector-Based AR
        Ramesh Raskar

AR Rendering and Visualization Techniques
        Wayne Piekarski

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